Emma G

YWI 2015 Day 5 027



“I can’t wait to get to school,” yelled Tyler from the backseat. Tyler is very enthusiastic about everything.

“Sweetie, you don’t need to yell. I can hear you from the front seat even if you whispered. Besides, don’t distract the driver,” said Mom pointing to Harper.

“Sorry Mom,” said Tyler as he made car noises and played with his new Burning Rubber 5,000 toy car.

“Harper, stop texting Alex and pay attention to the road,” said Mom.

Harper put down her phone and rolled her eyes. We were giving Harper a chance to practice for her driving test. It was our first day of school. I was going into middle school, Tyler was starting kindergarten, and Harper had her first day of eleventh grade. In case you were wondering, Alex is Harper’s best friend.

We just moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Sacramento, California. I was anxious because I had to start from scratch with friends. I was also excited to meet new people who didn’t know all the embarrassing stuff about me and new teachers who hadn’t been judging my mistakes since I was five.

“Waaaaa!” cried Annabelle, interrupting the song that Mom had just turned on. It was the one from the play I had done in fourth grade. My class and I had reenacted Cinderella and we were listening to Bippity-Boppity-Boo.

Annabelle was two and even fussier than my baby sister, Madeline and boy was Madeline fussy. Mom always says that we all behaved poorly when we were Annabelle’s age.

I looked out the window searching for some silence, but instead, I saw a long brick building that had a sign on it that read, “Welcome to Oakwood Elementary School.” Harper asked if it was the right place and Mom answered, “Yep!”

Harper pulled into a parking spot and put the car in park.


School Anthems

Wet Eyes

The bright lights shown down on us as we sung the Ellis School Anthem. I looked out through my own wet eyes to see many others. Parents, teachers, and even the secretary were crying their eyes out. I mean I was sad, but there was this one parent who had a bright red face that was covered with tears. That parent’s kid was very dramatic and now I knew who she got it from. After we finished the song, there were speeches and all that kind of stuff. Then, when it was over, we ran to the cafeteria where our after party was and yelled, “We’re graduates!”


I will be a


I will wear a clean,

white doctor coat.

I will carry around

a bright orange


and there will always

be 5,000 people

lined up to see me

every second

of every day.

I will laugh and say,

“Oh, my medical treatments

are the best, but you’ll get there.”

Nurses will beg

just to work with me


Right now…

I am playing

with my fake doctor kit.

Ella is wrapping her leg in


fake wrap.

Mom is printing out

check-in papers

and our black printer

is making noises

like this



Mom is darting

her brown eyes

back and forth.

Our printer

has been making

that horrid noise

for a month.

Now the paper

is jammed.

Oh boy.

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