Heather G

YWI 6.15.15 017


I was at lunch one day and there was a food fight. But let’s start at the beginning. My class went down to lunch and I sat with Katherine and Alexis. As we sat down, a kid walked past us and elbowed Alexis’ back. Then Alexis started the food fight. She screamed, “Food fight!” and threw an apple at the kid who elbowed her. Soon, everyone was throwing food; apples, cookies, sandwiches, and chips were flying through the air. It didn’t take long until everyone was covered head to toe in food.

At that very moment, the principal entered the cafeteria. He paused for a moment to look around. Then he asked, “Who started this?” All fingers pointed to Alexis. The principal stated, “Everyone clean this up. Come with me, Alexis.” Alexis followed him to his office. She waited for him to start yelling at her, but the moment never came. He said, “I have been waiting for someone to start a food fight since I got to this school.”

Alexis was shocked, but managed to very unsurely say, “Um I know, that is why I started it?”

The principal just laughed and said, “I know why you started it. I was watching the whole thing from the camera.” He pointed to the monitor where they saw people cleaning up the mess. “I want you to tell everyone down there that I yelled at you and gave you a detention, okay? Then finish helping them all clean up the mess,” said the principal.

Alexis said, “Alright,” and walked out of the office. She went to cafeteria looking like she just came from a haunted house. Everyone saw her and decided to ask later. She started helping out until the cafeteria looked spotless. They all went home and never talked about it again.


My superhero’s name is not Wonder Woman.

She cannot fly,

read minds,

or become invisible.

My superhero

is much better than that.

She can teach me,

help me with homework,

and answer my questions.

My superhero is not Wonder Woman.

My superhero is the best 4th grade teacher,

Mrs. Melucci

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